Switching to ArchLinux

by Veli Tasalı   ·   Sept. 28, 2019

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Fairy Chimneys

Fairy Chimneys

Ubuntu 19.04 was my primary OS until 3 months ago. I didn't use any other Linux distribution before that. Unity 7 was enough for me. It was only after Ubuntu chose GNOME over Unity that I was introduced to GNOME.

GNOME is elegant and looks polished. The default apps are very well thought. The only problem is the title bar is taking too much space on small screens, which I solved by forking Unite and customizing it for my needs1.

As a developer, it is important to me whether the platform I am on offers up-to-date packages. This is something Ubuntu cannot keep up with. A Debian-based distro will care about the stability and that started to block me from doing my work. This caused me to look for alternative platforms. Fedora seemed to be a good alternative and it fixed some of my issues but was not free of them. The cursor was disappearing whenever I moved it around different windows. The full-screen was worsening the situation by not showing it at all. There, I had enough and decided to have a more up-to-date distribution. I chose ArchLinux. To this date, it has worked as it should have.

  1. GTK Title Bar: This hides the title bar for apps that don't make use of it.