This Summer

by Veli Tasalı   ·   June 24, 2019

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The cover of an unrelated album This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like Mother-Aha

The cover of an unrelated album This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like Mother-Aha

If you were someone close to me, you'd hear a lot about something called this summer. I have been describing how and why this summer is hella important and how I will put it in a place where something like this summer deserves.

This summer, I said, is important because it is the last summer I'll spend as a college student, not as a senior and a disciple of knowledge. This summer, for that reason, I want to decide what to do afterward.

(This Summer Starts)

Let's become connected to the internet, I said, which is an unusual statement for someone who lives on the internet.

Internet exists.

Me: [Enter comedic expression here]

At home, my parents think the internet is not a requirement, which is often told by people who think the internet is wizardry. To me, that is odd because if you don't need the internet, don't buy a smart TV, or tablets, or phones with expensive equipment enabling you to do otherwise.

Let me have fun. Let me let things happen.

F'ing hell, I realized in my whole life, I never used the internet with its full potential. It was either slow, not working, or I have had limited time, limited hardware, or limited personal space. And it is hard to get used to.

I let myself drown in the options that were previously not present and I was the least productive despite all the possibilities that came into existence just less than a month.

Then today happened.

I don't want to waste this opportunity. I will use ArchLinux.

No, I didn't say the second phrase, but still, I was up and running again.

Then I decided.

this person is gonna make games baby. This guy is gonna shine like glitter and gold1.

Yes, today I finally begin to learn Unity 3D modeling to make 2D games. I have the confidence, the gut, and the passion and am ready to make another 2048 game that millions of people confuse with another 2048 game because they all have the same icon and name.

  1. Glitter & Gold, the reference song.