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Bon boylo dosonoyorom
Açık Üniversite Projesi

Sept. 7, 2020  ·  Turkish  ·  Sadece bir fikir olan Açık Üniversite Projesi üzerine düşündüklerimi aktarmaya çalıştığım bir gönderi oldu. Verdiğim örnekler düşünce yapımı yansıtmayabilir baştan söyleyeyim.

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The cover of an unrelated album This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like Mother-Aha
This Summer

June 24, 2019  ·  It is time to take responsibility, I guess. This post is about how I am going to spend this summer. I hope I don't fail more than I hope.

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A scene from Where the Wild Things Are (2009) where Carol and Max stand next to each other
A Standalone Approach to Threads

Feb. 25, 2019  ·  A technique to manage threads on Android. This example should only be followed if you are not using third-party libraries that provide this mechanism.

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A fox sleeping peacefully
Working in Peace in Hell

Feb. 4, 2019  ·  How do we do it? Can we study in a place where the only right thing is where your mouth is?

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