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Veli Tasalı yazdı   ·   19 October 2019

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A conference I attended

A conference I attended

The FOSS community is not dead in Turkey. Some are claiming that it is the case. You should not believe them! It is alive. — In fact, there are multiple communities. They just live in their isolated spaces. One might even call them introverts, but without a parent who would force them to go out and talk to people.

Software engineering is hard and noise is harder to deal with. The people in this field don't need any trouble as they are already good at what they are doing. The translation community, for instance, is always at work doing its best, so that you don't notice anything wrong when using free and open-source software.

The people in these communities are academics and engineers who can earn the money to live their lives. They have little to no benefit working on FOSS projects, and one can easily say they do this kind of stuff because they enjoy it. Also, who doesn't like to have the code and modify it?

But there is a catch. All this happens in a closed space for a thing that is supposed to be open. Would you imagine when the car was invented, the point was to help those who carry heavy stuff all the time? No, of course not. The point was to earn money by solving a problem and sell as many cars as possible. If they haven't perfected the manufacturing process and opened up to every country, the world wouldn't need roads, gas stations, or means of licensing people. FOSS is like that, but with one important difference: you don't lose anything when you sell it or give it away. When you create an open-source solution, those who don't have time but want to use it will need your help and those who will want to understand it will add value to it.

This is also a type of gate-keeping. For a person to get involved, s/he needs to know those who are leading the community and it is harder to get in if the leader is unreachable. In reality, the open-source community doesn't have to send an invitation, nor the people in it are entitled to be there. It is up to no one if you want to create a solution or contribute to the existing solutions.

We want to solve problems, right? The ultimate reason to do all this is to help the human race reach its next phase, right? Then, can you say to someone's face that they don't deserve the attention? It is not about someone being stupid or smart. It is about everything. One doesn't say to a cat: "why the heck haven't you started speaking already?" We don't ask this kind of question because it is mental. We know things have limits and act accordingly. This is not about how we are or the world is, but rather how we and the world would be if we could make things work for us and not destroy it.

If you can do this and know you have done it before, write to me and let's talk. Visit the about page. I have some links there that you can use to reach me.

This is an edited version of a post that was written without the appropriate research done.

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