Working in Peace in Hell

Veli Tasalı yazdı   ·   04 February 2019


A fox sleeping peacefully

A fox sleeping peacefully

Falling asleep while listening to music has always been a great experience for me in noisy places, but it is also dangerous. Me rocking Gucci Gang could prove natural selection knows who to go after in the event of a fire and I would be the one to blame for not paying attention. But if you asked me, I would say it was because of the distraction.

The ability to choose by what you are going to be distracted is another level of freedom and we, peasants, will wear our noise-canceling headphones and exercise other peasant worthy activities until we evolve from the peasantry.

We can also learn to keep focus, which could make us the least vulnerable people in the World. There should be people who are already at this level of peace. And, they possibly are sociopaths. Nobody ever learns to keep focus in these places, especially if it is a dorm.

A dorm is not for studying. It is for sheltering purposes. Nobody wants it, but everybody needs it. The only time it will be peaceful is when the mutual benefit is in place, which is usually never. When I learned this, I didn't put much thought into it. My priorities were different. The dorm was warm (at times). I didn't have to worry about food, water, or bills. It was a temporary solution to a long-term problem: life in general.

The first year of college is a different experience. You meet a lot of people whom you cannot decide if you should keep talking. You are (mostly) alone. Your choices only affect you and your personality starts to come off like a loose screw. You can act like a different person if you want. But I doubt it will work. As people start to know you, the real you will show.

For me, my underdeveloped personality wasn't even the scariest part. It was me failing. That didn't lead me to work harder, though. I was feeling comfortable in front of the table. Sometimes I was having quick naps on it. Lovely. Yeah, nothing special happened that year. Apart from the 3.5 GPA score.

Sleeping in front of the table taught me a lot. I became an expert on how a studying room/office should be. What it should include and where the stuff should go. That led me to believe that the equipment in dorms are for people I don't remember seeing. First, there is not enough space for your legs, and second, your feet don't touch the ground because the chair is tall. There is also not enough width for your arms to expand in full.

Struggling to make sense of these, I always wondered what a better place would look like and what it could offer. When it was my time to say farewell and I had the chance to build my little studying spot, I realized it is not about the noise or your focus, it is about how much space you have and how inviting it is for work. A noisy place oriented for productivity can be better than a place with no disturbing element.

When you have a good place for work, you understand things can be in bad shape and you may stink at times. Like heavily. Trash would smell like perfume. But once it is time to wash the dirt off, it will be worth it.