Going Kotlin

29 Nisan 2020 06 Şubat 2022 güncellendi

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#android  #java  #kotlin

I started learning Kotlin last summer and I am going to rewrite one of my apps using it.

So, I started learning Kotlin by the end of the last summer. Everything was straightforward apart from the concepts that were unfamiliar to me. Overall, I liked the language and I have now decided to rewrite one of my apps to modernize its codebase.

Kotlin seems to have everything new and good about existing programming languages. Its is null-safe, and I think every modern language should have null-safety. I don't know why we haven't got it in Java yet. Optionals aren't going to solve the problem if they are optional. Also, context and extension functions seemed like something I can live with, so, in the end, I believe Kotlin is going to improve my development experience a lot.

This post has been updated to keep it on point. The puns are unintended.