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Full Linux Experience with Halium

03 October 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  The Halium project aims to create a bridge between the Linux userland and the Android HAL.

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Fairy Chimneys
Switching to ArchLinux

28 September 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  I switched from Ubuntu to Fedora, then to ArchLinux in three months even though I am not a distro-hopper.

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A scope is a context inheriting from the top.
Readability with Scopes

23 March 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  Let's discuss a great way to improve the code.

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A scene from Where the Wild Things Are (2009) where Carol and Max stand next to each other
A Standalone Approach to Threads

25 February 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  A technique to manage threads on Android. This example should only be followed if you are not using third-party libraries that provide this mechanism.

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