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Why Choose MVVM?

by Veli Tasalı ·  Feb. 23, 2021

December 2020
December 2020

by Veli Tasalı ·  Dec. 24, 2020

Bon boylo dosonoyorom
Açık Üniversite Projesi

by Veli Tasalı ·  Sept. 7, 2020

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The cover of an unrelated album This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like Mother-Aha
This Summer

by Veli Tasalı ·  June 24, 2019

A fox sleeping peacefully
Working in Peace in Hell

by Veli Tasalı ·  Feb. 4, 2019

A scene from Where the Wild Things Are (2009) where Carol and Max stand next to each other
A Standalone Approach to Threads

by Veli Tasalı ·  Feb. 25, 2019

A conference I attended
In Wake of FOSS

by Veli Tasalı ·  Oct. 19, 2019

A scope is a context inheriting from the top.
Readability with Scopes

by Veli Tasalı ·  March 23, 2019

A Guide to Developing TrebleShot Based Applications

by Veli Tasalı ·  July 9, 2019

My Projects


It is a libre file sharing tool with support for major platforms. We are developing it on GitHub.

Learn GTK+

GTK+ is a GUI framework written in C with bindings to other languages. I post what I learned here.

Learn Russian

I attended the class in college for a year and I want to spend more time on it to make use of what I learned.

Learn German

One of my long-term goals is to learn the German language. I will post updates on that here.

Pi RemoteHub

Focuses on the things made possible with Raspberry Pi 4. Hoping to make use of this beast in some way.