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I am Veli Tasalı and I create software solutions with utility and compatibility in mind.

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Veli Tasalı
Veli Tasalı


If I recall correctly, FOSS communities never needed the help of Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft was one of the few causing harm with its patents and slowing their development. Microsoft might have come out open-source friendly recently, but I don't believe its stance has changed. The only thing new is that it now knows is it can make money out of FOSS if it doesn't hate it publicly. I wonder what projects/organizations other than Linux and Ubuntu (or canonical in general) it has supported so far.

Veli Tasalı
Veli Tasalı


I am testing a different approach to my usual design. The work in the screenshot isn't finished, but it shows where I am going with it. The purple and cyan colors are Android defaults. Purple will probably stay, but I will replace cyan with a dark pinkish color.

My biggest issue is the backwards compatibility. I have already spent a lot of time keeping the app Android 4 compatible, so I don't want to increase the min SDK yet.

Also, I haven't made my mind about the font. Rubik may be a fit.

Veli Tasalı
Veli Tasalı


You may not like a FOSS project, but shitting on it is something next level. What now, you want a refund? It gets dumber when the development of the said project doesn't affect another project (like Linux Kernel does).

"It shouldn't exist."? There you have it, it no longer does!

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