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I am Veli Tasalı and I create software solutions with utility and compatibility in mind.

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Veli Tasalı 🇺🇦 :rust:


I have a thing for computing on the cloud. It gives me pleasure for some reason. Maybe it is the fact that it doesn't make my laptop sound like a jet plane taking off 🛫

Veli Tasalı 🇺🇦 :rust:


Veli Tasalı 🇺🇦 :rust:


Wolf Alice's My Love Is Cool album is cool.

Recent Posts

Serialize Django Data with MOM

June 4, 2021

Model Object Mapper is a Django command-line utility that lets you serialize, create and update database entries.

Adopting MVVM

Feb. 23, 2021

Continuing from the post about Kotlin, this post talks about the migration process and the new architecture of the project.

August 2020

Aug. 27, 2020

Announcing uprotocol and joining GNOME Challenge. Also, there are updates on CoolSocket!

My Projects


An open-source app that allows you to transfer files one to one securely or using a browser, all without the internet.

GTK Cookbook

Studies on GTK, a GUI toolkit written in C with bindings to other languages.