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Kotlin Banner
Going Kotlin

Development  ·  by Veli Tasalı  ·  April 29, 2020

Why choose Kotlin over Java? Wasn't the latter already enough? Kotlin is coming near you!

August 2020
August 2020

Journal  ·  by Veli Tasalı  ·  Aug. 27, 2020

Announcing uprotocol and joining GNOME Challenge. Also, there are updates on CoolSocket too!

uprotocol Banner
An Open Content Exchange Standard

Development  ·  by Veli Tasalı  ·  June 20, 2020

Let's create an open standard enabling users and developers to do more with what they have!

Model — View — ViewModel
Adopting MVVM

Development  ·  by Veli Tasalı  ·  Feb. 23, 2021

Following the MVVM design pattern in Android development is now easier with DataBinding and Hilt!

Model Object Mapper for Django
Serialize Django Data with MOM

Development  ·  by Veli Tasalı  ·  June 4, 2021

Model Object Mapper is a Django command-line utility that lets you serialize, create and update database entries.