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December 2020
December 2020

24 December 2020  ·  İngilizce  ·  What is encryption or a certificate? Why shouldn't you trust every manufacturer?

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August 2020
August 2020

27 August 2020  ·  İngilizce  ·  This is an update of the last 2 months and my studies. This will be a long one with a lot of personal opinions.

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May 2020
May 2020

08 May 2020  ·  İngilizce  ·  Things happened in May 2020.
11 June 2020 güncellendi

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halium loves linux
Full Linux Experience with Halium

03 October 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  The Halium project aims to create a bridge between the Linux userland and the Android HAL.

Fairy Chimneys
Switching to ArchLinux

28 September 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  I switched from Ubuntu to Fedora, then to ArchLinux in three months even though I am not a distro-hopper.

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The cover of an unrelated album This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like Mother-Aha
This Summer

24 June 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  It is time to take responsibility, I guess. This post is about how I am going to spend this summer. I hope I don't fail more than I hope.

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Penguins swimming in a pool in Bursa, Turkey
Are Older Solutions the Best Solutions?

22 May 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  This journey of developing web applications with Python and Django. Is it good and easy to work with them? How is the support for these two? Is it worth learning them? Let me answer those questions.