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Model — View — ViewModel
Why Choose MVVM?

23 February 2021  ·  İngilizce  ·  Y tho

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May 2020
May 2020

08 May 2020  ·  İngilizce  ·  Things happened in May 2020.
11 June 2020 güncellendi

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A Guide to Developing TrebleShot Based Applications

09 July 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  TrebleShot aims to improve the basic file exchanging methods by eliminating the issues that the existing apps fail to address. This guide illustrates how it does that and briefly explains its communication protocol.

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Are Older Solutions the Best Solutions?

22 May 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  This journey of developing web applications with Python and Django. Is it good and easy to work with them? How is the support for these two? Is it worth learning them? Let me answer those questions.

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