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TrebleShot to Create an Open Content Exchange Standard

20 June 2020  ·  İngilizce  ·  Because the existing solutions don't disclose how they work, TrebleShot will create an open standard enabling users and developers to do more with what they have.

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A conference I attended
In Wake of FOSS

19 October 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  The open-source community doesn't have to send an invitation, nor the people in it are entitled to be there because they were flagged as a viable option to consult in a given field by some institution. We can do better when it comes to including people.

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Fairy Chimneys
Switching to ArchLinux

28 September 2019  ·  İngilizce  ·  I switched from Ubuntu to Fedora, then to ArchLinux in three months even though I am not a distro-hopper.

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